too fat

Too Fat for the Christmas Party?

I’ve got this feeling some of you are thinking of not going to the Christmas Party.  Because fat.  ...
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Say NO for a greater YES

I’m very deliberate on who has access to me at the moment. It’s not out of arrogance or ...
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Are you sitting on a Nail?

Google ‘sitting on a nail’ and you’ll find a few stories all broadly the same with a few ...
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Don’t be Beige – How to stand out in an interview or land that internal promotion.

When we released our very first podcast, ‘Doing all the right things and it still doesn’t work out’, ...
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She’s gone. And this is what I know to be true.

Tears flow as I write this. The silent ones that come with jagged breaths. I wish it wasn’t ...
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Take a different kind of holiday

‘I can’t stop worrying, Danielle’. Our conversation opens and here she is, another remarkable woman who needs to ...
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