Time for Something Different


I have a confession; for almost 6 years now I have consistently stopped my world and made something hard. It’s been a strange experience to know this and felt unable to unlock it. I often have a lot to say and yet when it comes to sitting down in front of my computer and sharing, it could sometimes feel…well, excruciatingly difficult.


Sometimes that was because I’d ignored the inner whisper to pivot the carefully planned calendar and allow the words to come through me, fresh and alive. Sometimes it was about a deadline (yep where I’d endlessly ignored that same whisper). Then all I could hear was the inner voice, scream, saying “chop chop, we need to be creative and impactful NOW” How’s that for a creative circuit breaker?


Sometimes, something else. Almost always linked to beliefs.


Friends, colleagues, the RW team have been endlessly patient, bemused and I’m guessing at times, understandably frustrated.


They’d smile and with genuine curiosity ask, “How can you make this SO hard?”


I’d roll my eyes and mutter I know, I know.


The girl who’s known for THAT question? The “what if it was easy???”one.


All the feels.


I don’t know ALL the ways I make it hard – I do know that there’s a part of me that seems hard wired to, ironically, choose the hard path. Again and Again. I’ve a mastery course in the Life-of-hard. It’s why WIIWE is my go-to question.


I do know that I could list at least 18 ways to make writing/sending out a blog REALLY hard if you ever want to try more ways yourself. (Perfection, inner expectations, cultural programming – there that will get you started).

Some have been interesting to explore because we all know on one level that what we’re doing in one area of our life, we’re likely doing everywhere.


And I’ve seen so clearly that can still be a trap – I know I’m making it hard and I’m working on the why and howWHILE I STILL MAKE IT HARD.




Yes Lady, you reading this, I know you, I see the same pattern.


That keeps you in the game. The dull, feeling stuck one. The one you’re trying to get out of.


So let me declare this instead.


I am done with blogs and vlogs that are hard, that feel in ANY way like I’m efforting or trying.


I’m done with the voice that says that I must, should, must – ANYWHERE in my life.


I am choosing to say NOPE.


I’m choosing EASY.


Of course, I am aware that many you like to hear what’s happening in my world.  To be clear – this is most certainly not Danielle’s path. (Reason 5 – must do it like her). When I do write or share it has always been from my heart. So many of you have written to me personally over the years about how the blogs have helped shift a perspective, a way of seeing something, or have even been life changing for you. Thank you. Really. We’ve been on a real journey together.  I don’t want to stop that from happening AND I think there’s a way we can have both EASY and POWERFUL SHARING.


From now on, I will ONLY write when something flows and feels compelling to share. It will be unedited, may well have typos and might even be once a year or less. #Sorrynotsorry if your inbox feels empty from missing that regular Nic blog message.


From now on, I will occasionally share a video that would, in the past, have gone only to my private clients. In these I usually share powerful insights that I have discovered or offer my thoughts or experience on a direct question or topic. I’ll be diving straight in as if we know each other. On one level we do. These are ALWAYS easy for me.


From now on, you may well even get a snippet from a real coaching session itself. Edited only to make sure everyone feel’s comfortable with confidentiality. Offered because we all know that sometimes conversations end up in unexpected places and there’s real gold that gets revealed in those moments. You know the ones where even if you tried to repeat what had been said, you couldn’t. Trust me we’ve tried.


I’m aware, in fact I’m promising, that none of this will come neatly boxed up. It might at times feel a little clunky, “less professional” or possibly evoke questions that you need answered to fully understand what it means. I’m aware we might come from different starting points – some of you are more immersed in the RW world than others. I’m cool with all of that. Because.


All of this is an EXPERIMENT.


We’re huge fans of that in Remarkable Women because we know the moment, we declare it as that – an experiment, we let ourselves off any pressure for it to be ANY one way. In a heartbeat magic often shows up and a new path or choice emerges. Who knows I might even decide I WANT to blog again? Tee hee.


I’m not seeking your permission or approval. Its an Experiment.


I’m cool if you decided to hit the delete button and not open a single message. I won’t take it personally. Its an Experiment.


I’m committed to sharing ALL of me as and when it feels most alive.


In life. That’s NOT an experiment. It’s a COMMITMENT.

So now the first experiment; a snippet of a private conversation where I speak privately to be a client. It’s been tweaked so there’s no personal “stuff” and it’s perfectly imperfect ready for you to hear this;


You’re not doing it wrong – being human is just hard sometimes”


Thank you for walking this path with me.


Here’s to even more authenticity.


What are you making hard? Get underneath that.


I feel free’er already.


Let’s be remarkable together

Nic xx


Ps Danielle; thank YOU.

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