Are you ‘Undiscovered’?

girl waiting on a train

girl waiting on a train

I come across a lot of frustrated ‘Undiscovereds’ in my coaching practice.  I love to ignite and energise them again.  They’re really very fun people indeed.

Turns out it’s the easiest thing to do, if you let it be.

Of course, you’ve no idea what I’m talking about right now have you?

Our ‘Undiscovereds’ are currently extremely frustrated in their chosen job.  They can’t understand why no-one has spotted just how talented they are and they’re slowly getting more and more angry with the leaders around them.  They’re losing inspiration fast and they don’t trust their organisation anymore.

There’s a few defining characteristics about Undiscovereds:

1. They’re right.  They can do more.

That deep down knowledge that they can do more is driving them insane.  People around them are telling them that they’re not quite as good as they think they are, or worse, managers are quietly getting hacked off with them constantly asking for more or pushing for a promotion.  Undiscovereds just can’t work out why NO-ONE has noticed that they have so much more to give.

2. How do I know they’re right?  Because they want to DO more and they can see opportunity EVERYWHERE. 

These aren’t the people who just want a bigger job title and more money (although we can be quick to judge those people and in many ways they are simply expressing their desire in the world, which is OK right?).  These are the people who want to stretch their brains and who can see things that others can’t, it’s just somehow, somewhere along the line, they got caught up in a system where they don’t quite fit, or they don’t have enough experience, or someone once decided they weren’t that good after all.   They often present as women that everyone decided had potential but needed ‘more experience’.  Turns out slowing them down was a very bad idea indeed.  By the time they’ve done the job that’s way too easy for them for the ‘required’ length of time, they’ve lost their juice.  And are starting to become a bit of a pain.  Deep down, they know it themselves too.

3. They’ve given away control of their destiny.  

Undiscovereds are so busy wondering why no-one has noticed just how talented they are, that they’re starting fights all over the place, or just slowly festering and getting more and more annoyed as the days go by.  They are getting the job done (because that’s who they are), but they’re losing their sparkle and they’re not as fun to be around as they used to be.  When they put an idea on the table, they fight for it so hard that everyone switches off.

They haven’t noticed that they’ve handed their destiny over to a leader they don’t trust or aren’t inspired by, so they’re constantly trying to argue their case.  And winding quite a few people up in the process.

4. They’re frustrated and stuck and probably on a path to a nasty ending. 

Let’s be clear here, Undiscovereds aren’t typically the ones who get fired, but they are frequently the ones who leave in a moment of frustration or who get so angry that they decide it’s time to write a grievance.  The more they are held back, the more they bring out the Warrioress inside.  For some it takes years, for others months.  They leave organisations they once loved angry with their mistreatment. The outcome doesn’t look good.

I used to be an Undiscovered.  More than once if I’m honest.  Sometimes it felt like the only way to improve the situation was to, well, kick ass a bit.  It often worked, and it really wasn’t the most fun way to build my career.  Actually, it was pretty exhausting, being on such an extreme roller coaster of highs and lows  (want to know how you’re actually creating this yourself?  Check out ‘What’s your Perfect System?’ and have a good laugh!).

The good news for you is I know a better way now.  You’re going to love it.  If you’re willing to play bold and see the opportunity, strap yourself in and get ready to re-ignite your own inspiration.  Starting here.  The very best step, from which ALL things are possible…


Amazing we never think of this.  You can call yourself whatever you like inside your head.  And then you need to start living and behaving as if that’s who you really are.

Whenever I’m coaching an undiscovered, I ask them to go really big.

To discover your new job title, play with what you know deep down you’re capable of, or what you would love to be if there were no boundaries whatsoever (as an example, I’m Prime Minster.  Yep, really).

To give you some ideas, in the past few months, the following roles (and more) have emerged in the world:

  • Chief of Creating Magic
  • Chief of Changing Children’s Lives
  • Director of Culture and Transformation
  • Queen of Impact
  • Adventurer
  • Minister of Health and Wellbeing for Europe
  • World Changer

Find your title and try it on for size.  Play with it till you get the one that feels just right.  From this point in time, this is WHO YOU ARE. (You always were anyway, that’s why you’re so frustrated).


It’s time to remember you are ALWAYS the decider of your own Destiny.  Sure there might be things that others say no to AND you always have the option to make your choices based on those decisions.  You choose what happens in your life.  Remember that at all times.

Start behaving like you’re doing that big job in the world where you know you can make the difference you dream of.

Think I’ve gone mad or don’t know where to start?

Try this: Buy The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins and start implementing the steps, in your workplace or in your life.

With or without the book, for the next 90 days, build your strategic plan, start to put meat on the bones of what it is you are going to create.

(Is it the best book in the world?  It’s not for everyone and anyone can use the principles with a little creative thinking – you want to have a huge impact in the world right?  So use it to broaden your thinking and discard what you don’t like).

Why?  Because when you start behaving like THAT person and building the big plans, you’re going to be inspired again.  You’re going to start articulating the things that you can see in a way that will make sense to others.   One way or another, that enthusiasm is going to start seeping into your current role and people are going to start to see you differently.

Better yet, you’re going to start imagining, your energy levels are going to rise and you’re going to start believing in possibility becoming reality.  And you really want that right now don’t you?


Find half an hour every single day to move forward in service of what you really want in life.  Haven’t got half an hour?  Take one single action each day.

Like this:

  • Email one person you know who has knowledge that you’d love to understand.  Ask if they’d be willing to have a phone call or meet for coffee.  Do this every single day till you run out of contacts.
  • Go online and research the gurus in your chosen field.  Then find one to follow, buy their books, watch their TED Talks, sign up for their courses. Learn your socks off.  Do a little bit every single day.
  • Search for local events where like minded people might come together.
  • Find yourself a mentor or coach who really believes in you.
  • Offer your help to people who might need it.

There are ALWAYS actions you can take. EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Of course not everyone will say yes to your requests, but some of them will.  And that’s a massive step forward from where you are right now, where no-one could say yes or no.


Right now you’re so busy trying to get people to recognise you that you’re not focussing on the important stuff – the change you are absolutely capable of creating. Stop caring about what people think about you so that you can turn your attention to what really matters – the transformations you know you’re capable of; the people who need you at your most powerful.   DO the things that you know matter.  And always do it with love and inspiration and energy and excitement.  It’s contagious.

Because, Little Miss Undiscovered, it’s about time you discovered yourself.

Have fun.  Play all out.  Make magic.  You know it’s in you and we’re waiting impatiently for you to bring it to the world.

Ah, there you are.  Nice to have you back.

4 thoughts on “Are you ‘Undiscovered’?”

  1. Love this article. It’s incredible to turn U discovered on its head and I love the M Watkins book – good reminder!

    1. Danielle Macleod

      Sometimes it’s really good to discover you’re not alone eh Jeanie? Thanks for sharing – good to have you with us!

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