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here’s a reason why you don’t know this about me…

The Mystery of #TMRWIS

We all hide stuff from people, right? We’ve got stories we don’t want people to know, dreams that we’re afraid to share –  we don’t want to seem too much or too little, so we tailor our messages to the world. We’re all saleswomen and marketeers at heart after all. We want people to see …

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Becoming Queen of Your Life

Hello friends, No, it’s not a yoga video. This week I’m coming back to a favourite topic that we get more and more requests on…the very best role to take on in your life and what it can reveal for you. Time to meet your Queen. You’re going to love her. I GUARANTEE it. Big …

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Can’t think straight? Do this.

You know that feeling when you’re so wired about a conversation with someone that you just can’t think straight? When you’ve got so angry that your mind is just playing scenarios over and over again trying to make sense of things? You’re longing to get to sleep and you just can’t stop the anger rising.  You’re angry …

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What would your inner Queen do?

You’re going to love this one. It’s one of those, ‘Oh, wow, why didn’t I know about this sooner?!’ moments. And it all starts with the question, ‘What would my Queen do?’… I know, you think I’ve gone mad again. I promise you, it’s incredible. Read on. Imagine you have a bunch of characters inside …

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girl's reflection in car mirror

I’m rumbling, here’s why you need to know about it

Brene Brown (a legend, look her up) advises that we never share while we are ‘rumbling’. Given that she’s one of my favourite teachers and I really agree with that statement, it’s odd that here I am anyway, sharing in the middle of a rumble. Here’s why (and I know, I’m aware some of you …

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