What’s your Perfect System?

woman walking on the beach following stone path

woman walking on the beach following stone path

Well, this is a ridiculous question Danielle, ‘What’s my Perfect System?’, what on earth is that supposed to mean?

I know, I like to ask daft questions.  In fact, it’s kind of what I do for a living these days.  It’s fun.

Imagine this:

Your life is the way it is right now, because you have created a PERFECT SYSTEM for having it just like this. 

You are a complete expert at having your life run exactly the way it does.

At being late, at failing to exercise when you say you will, at being the most powerful person in the room in some meetings and the most ineffective in others.

You are an absolute WORLD GURU in making yourself tired, in never putting yourself first, in starting fights when you least mean to.  And all those other things that make up your life.

Check you out, you legend.  A Guru after all.  A PhD in Creating Your Life exactly the way it appears right now.


Once we get our head around our Perfect Systems, we can smile at them, acknowledge ourselves for being just brilliant at creating what we already have.

We can spend time considering them, building them up a little more.  Finally understanding why we have exactly what we have in our lives.

We have it because we are creating it.

Don’t know what I mean yet?

Of course you don’t.  This is a new concept.  And besides, who wants to really acknowledge that they are creating everything in their own life, even the things they don’t like?

Yet once you get it, wow, what a tonne of power you have in your hands.  You get to laugh at yourself so much more.  You get to really investigate what’s going on from a lighter place.  You get to think about what on earth is possessing you to get in your own way.

I came across the Perfect System concept this year whilst setting myself a mission for 2018.

My Mission is to discover what it would be like to Play BIG in the world.  To put myself out there and unlock the things that I know deep down inside I am perfectly capable of and yet keep blocking myself from doing.

Why am I doing that?  Two reasons:

  • Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to make big changes in the world. To shake us all up so that we really learn to love each other.  So we share unconditionally and we stop creating pain for each other.

I know, sounds a bit out there doesn’t it?  Part of my Perfect System is to never admit this of course, because other people might think I’m bonkers.  Or wonder who the hell I am to think I could have a mission that big in the world.

  • I’m deeply curious about what human beings are capable of if only we allow ourselves to step into our full selves. Out there again?

The reason I’m curious is because I’ve seen human beings do AMAZING things.  So have you.  Walking on the moon.  Climbing rock faces with no ropes.  Walking tightropes.  Beating cancer with no medication.  Negotiating Peace Treaties.  Bringing up children with no sleep.

So I KNOW, and so do you, that we have more in us than we can ever imagine possible (did you know it was proven recently that the human brain is capable of holding every single piece of information on the internet?  We’re THAT incredible!).   I’m fascinated with what it is that has us hold ourselves back and who we would be if we didn’t.

I believe the biggest thing that stops us is fear.  Fear of who we could be, fear of what we might create.  Fear of failure.

This year, I’m giving all my attention to what would happen if I wasn’t afraid anymore.  To unlocking those parts of me that want to hold me back.  To expanding and growing in every way possible.

Poor Nic.  And John.  Imagine what kind of year we’re all going to have…

When I came across the Perfect System, taught by Rich Litvin, and probably many others out there, I realised that this was a place I could look at my fears and blockages PLAYFULLY.

Friends, when we look at ourselves playfully, when we live playfully, we can create so much more.  When we stop making everything so serious and allow our child to come out with full confidence, innocence and curiosity, there’s so much in there for us.

When we acknowledge we are simply THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD at creating our own lives, we get to pat ourselves on the back as we collect our Golden Spoon Award and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Wow, does that feel a lot better than beating ourselves up.

I’d love for you to have a go at creating your Perfect System for whatever you wish you could shift in your life.  Just to see what comes up for you.

Before you do that though, how if I teach you mine?  So you can get your head around how it works.

I’m excited to share it with you because I’m SO DARN GOOD AT IT you will just not believe it.  Honestly, if you want to learn how to Play Small in your life, Step Right Up and learn from a true Queen.  I have this one NAILED.

Here we go then.

Danielle’s Perfect System for Playing Small:

  1. Spend all the money that you have allocated for every month, whilst tracking, semi-carefully, that you are indeed spending it all, or even slightly more. Stare at spreadsheet regularly, priding yourself in how carefully you are tracking it whilst never actually changing your spending habits to allow yourself to create the space you really want for your new business to fly.
  2. Create loads of jobs in your business that ONLY you can do and no-one else can help with.
  3. Fill your diary with all the jobs and do them every day. Always do them before the things you really want to do or the things that will help you make a real impact, so that there is only about ten minutes left in the day to do those things.
  4. Feel completely overwhelmed by the lack of jobs you have created. Never share them.
  5. Create more jobs. Because they are important and need to be done.
  6. Look at Facebook, Linked In and your email accounts constantly.
  7. Write stuff on Social Media so that people will like you.
  8. Check Social Media every ten seconds after writing stuff to see if they do like you.
  9. Don’t post the things that really matter to you very often on Social Media, in case people don’t like you.
  10. Go it alone. Carry all responsibilities whether someone else is willing to or not.  Act like you are sharing so they don’t notice.
  11. Say yes whenever anyone asks if they can meet up with you. Especially say yes when there is absolutely no space in your diary except the bits that are kept for doing the all the jobs you have made.
  12. Assume no-one can afford your fees. Reduce them before you tell them what they are.
  13. Never ever contact people you know can really help you with stuff you’re struggling with. They are very busy and important.
  14. Never contact people you don’t know who you think are really interesting, in case they say no.
  15. Never take anyone else’s advice straight away. You know best.
  16. This one is very important. Know exactly what you’re capable of but don’t believe it. Definitely don’t do anything about the things that would have you show up in the world doing the really big things you dream of.
  17. Pretend that what you are doing right now is the biggest thing you could possibly achieve.
  18. Have a very clear dream. One you have had since childhood.  Whenever anyone asks you what your dream is, tell them a completely different one.  In case they think you are arrogant.
  19. Believe there are massive flaws in your coaching style.
  20. Pretend to meditate every day. Only really meditate some days.  Other days do a teensy bit and then start thinking about all the jobs you need to do.

There’s more I suspect.  For now, I’m looking at this one with pride.  Just look how perfect it is!  Look how brilliantly I am making sure there is no space for me to progress any of my dreams and no-one around who even knows about them, let alone anyone who would be able to help me, if indeed I was able to receive help at all.

Can you see just how impossible I am making it for me to be the me I know I can be?

That’s the genius of the Perfect System!

And if I’m smart enough to create something as brilliant as that.  Who knows what might happen if I truly turned my attention to the things I deeply want to create in my life?

Because now I know I’m completely brilliant (proven by the intricacies and tactics woven through my Perfect System) who’s to say I can’t be completely brilliant in the things I deeply long for?

You can see why I’m excited right?

So let’s have a go at this together.

Take a good old look at your life.  Maybe you’ve got the Perfect System for Procrastination or the Perfect System for Sheer Exhaustion or the Perfect System for Crappy Relationships…

Who knows where you have chosen to craft and hone your brilliant skills as a tactician, strategist and action creator?

I’m excited for you to find out.

Go on then, what’s YOUR Perfect System?

You blooming Genius.  There you are, utterly brilliant after all.  Even though you didn’t think you were.

Loving you,


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