Know someone about to take an essay based exam?

exam hall school

exam hall school

Then you need to share this with them.  Fast.  It’s a whole new way to approach essay based exams that makes it so much easier.

We were talking about the power of the subconscious and how over the years, I have really learned to trust that if I introduce an idea to my brain and don’t need the answer immediately, I can kind of let it ‘soak’ in my subconscious. And after a while clarity will emerge. With no real effort from me.

As we talked, I remembered a technique that was taught to me some years ago when I was doing my MBA.

A brilliant Doctor of Psychology was teaching us at a one-off event. At the end of the day we had some time left and he said, ‘I have this great system that will change the way you do your essay-based exam papers for ever. Want to hear it?’


And the thing is, it was brilliant. I tried it at the very next exam and I knew immediately that he had given us a true gift. From that point forward, my results consistently shifted up a grade, into the excellent category, something that previously had been a bit hit and miss for me.

When I shared the technique with Nic, she looked at me wide eyed and said, ‘You KNOW we have to share this don’t you? That’s genius!’.

‘Really? But it’s not remotely relevant to what we do.’

‘Yes it is’, says Nic, ‘Because we do SERVING PEOPLE. And there are a whole bunch of people in the world about to take exams who NEED to know about this’.

And she was right. That’s exactly what we do.

So, we took a couple of hours out, we recorded a video and created a report that outlines the whole thing. Today, we’re sharing it with you, because when we shared it last time, SO many people LOVED it and said how it really helped. And we reckon a bunch of you know another bunch of people who are about to start exams and you’re a good friend, so you’ll want to share it with them as well. Go again if you need to – cos sometimes we forget the tools we know and start to make life hard again. We like to show you the easy way by Somebody Inside.

Before we go, let’s be clear who this is for.

It’s for anyone who is doing exam papers that have a selection of essay questions in them.

We talk through a process that’s designed for written papers and once you understand what the process is trying to achieve, you can easily adapt it to examinations using a laptop, it just takes a little bit of creativity.

It’s probably best suited for 16-year-old and up, although it would absolutely work for younger people. There’s nothing whacky about it at all, it’s just an incredibly practical way of firing up your subconscious.

So here it is. The link to the video and access to the report, which outlines the process in written printable form so that you can have it with you before you go in to the exam, just click here to get it.

And if you’re reading this and you have an exam coming up yourself, we’re excited for you. Because we KNOW from experience this technique is THE game changer.

Big love friends,

Danielle and Nic x

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