It’s time to reveal your talents


WARNING: Crazy Lady has NOTHING useful to say today.


Today we’re going to start here.   With what we are good at. And don’t go getting all meek and coy on me.  This character trait ladies, does not serve us well.

Ask this question.  (Ask this question a lot when you find yourself holding back).

‘If no-one ever heard or saw what I am about to say, what gifts do I have that I am secretly DELIGHTED about? 

What do I know, deep down, regardless of what my Crazy lady Inner Critic has to say, that I am really good at?’.

Write down the answers.

Including you, chewing your pen, freaking out a bit.  Just START.

If you want to have the impact in the world you say you do, then you HAVE to start owning this stuff.  Today is the day we get started.

Make a list.

Here’s mine:

  • I have a talent for inspiring people
  • I have a talent for making people believe in themselves
  • I have a talent for making things easy and making things happen
  • I have a talent for connecting the dots
  • I have a talent for making people feel at ease
  • I have a talent for public speaking
  • I have a talent for creating a vision that people want to believe in
  • I have a talent for seeing what people are capable of
  • I have a talent for helping people move into action
  • I have a talent for making complicated things simple
  • I have a talent for learning the basics of anything
  • I have a talent for learning
  • I have a talent for connecting people

And yes, OF COURSE, as I write this, my Crazy Lady is hovering nervously and going, ‘You CAN’T WRITE THAT! They will HATE you.’  She has her head in her hands saying, ‘HOW CAN YOU BE THIS COCKY?’

And notice, I am writing it anyway.  

Notice also I have not said any version of the following:

‘I think I’m pretty good at inspiring people.  You might want to ask my team if they feel the same though . I mean, people have said that I am good at this and obviously, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea…’

‘Er, OK, what do I have a talent for?  Erm.  Gosh.  Well, I wouldn’t call it a talent as such, but you know, I’m not bad at making things happen.  I think most people would say they would come to me if they wanted to get something done.  It’s probably a weakness really, you know, because people then think they can rely on you for everything and I’m not that good at saying no’.

Because this, friends, is how we DIM OUR LIGHT.  How we play small.  We think it is humility.  We think people should just be able to work out what we are good at.  And how can they when we don’t even believe it ourselves?

I am also not saying what I do NOT have a talent for.  There’s plenty for sure.  I mean like ALL the talents that are not listed above technically speaking.  Which is a lot.  

Why would I want to spend time working out all the things I am NOT?  Crazy Lady has that covered all day every day.  She has a PHd in Things I am Crap At.  And congratulations to her I say – there’s HER talent!

Stick with yours.

Say them.  Clearly and cleanly.  Even if it makes you squirm.

I have a talent for…

Keep going till you run out.  Write your unsayables.  DO NOT EDIT because the Crazy Lady is hovering.  At no point are you going to be forced to publish this on Facebook. I promise.

And you have more than 2 by the way.  So you, lady, you keep going.

Finished? Sure? Good.

We’ll be coming back to this.  Don’t be thinking we’re done now.  (I also have a talent for ruthless compassion that I didn’t mention.  I love you so much I’m going to say the stuff no-one else will.  I will always say it with love, because I choose love remember?  You have my word.)

For now though.  This.


Thank goodness we finally worked that out.  Took you long enough.

Now we just got to work out what to DO with those talents.

Now THIS is going to be fun.

Love you, you supertalentedfragilisticexpialidocious creature you.

Danielle x

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