Peace or Pain?

Seems an obvious choice, right?

Yet it doesn’t always feel like that.

Especially in times of change.

In this video, we slow down together and discover more about that choice including HOW to make it.

Once you get that, you’ll see AGAIN just how powerful you really are.

Let’s dive in…

Nic x

1 thought on “Peace or Pain?”

  1. That’s so key for me at the moment – thank you. I don’t think of myself as being nice anymore , I am but the word has such a pejorative cachet that I would run away from it.
    However recently I feel a surge of wanting to be nice in the form of giving. The contract that I’m attempting to broker in my giving is to bring that one individual closer to me – the pay off for me is that I won’t feel alone .
    In this particular act of giving I’m losing myself, I’m making myself smaller and more compliant because I fear I will not be accepted as I am

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