Episode 18 – The Monk and the Minister Talk About Death

A narrative between a Nic, a Monk and Marion, a Minister bringing alive the conversation about dying and death through the sharing of stories.

Never one to shy away from any conversation, this one has real magic in it. For so many reasons.

Marion is a retired Minister (and Momma of our very own Danielle Macleod).  She’s also the remarkable woman who married Nic and her husband, around Nic’s Mum’s bedside and then carried out her funeral just days later.

In this opening conversation, this minister and our modern-day monk, share their own experiences and moving tales. Of the people they have met, lost and supported across the years and shine a light on just some of the stories we make up about dying, death, survivors guilt and grieving. And the impact on the dying experience for us all in a global pandemic.

This isn’t a conversation about religion, it’s a conversation between two human beings who know there’s enormous healing to be had when we dive into the biggest conversation of all. Its packed with gems as always. Get ready for powerful insights and a lot of laughter too….

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