Your Song Within

your Song,
When Lorna Carlini invited Danielle to participate in ‘Your Song Within’ – a series of inspirational stories with inspirational women, Danielle didn’t really know what was going to come out of her mouth.
And yet, when you’re asked to speak to your Song, the thing inside of you that’s crying out to be shared, it’s surprising just how easy it is.
There’s a world of work out there right now where some of us might just be experiencing something akin to The Hunger Games. This sense of ‘someone’s going to lose here and I don’t want it to be me’ that allows us and others to justify behaviours that we all know are unacceptable.
It comes from fear and scarcity.
And we want a world with something different.
A World where we see humans first and employees second.
A World where we get to express our Song Within.
Come, grab a cuppa and have a listen as Lorna interviews Danielle on the song inside her.

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