Why we don’t like these numbers one little bit


Hey there

A few weeks ago, I got an email, which made me realise I better get off my butt and start helping to make a change.

So before I get started, if ANY of what I’m about to reveal resonates with you, read to the bottom, because you will want to know how the story ends…AND what it could mean for you.

Right, here we go…

I only left the corporate world a few months ago and I like to keep in touch with what’s happening.  This particular email was giving me some insight into senior appointments in my local area – several major cities involved.  We’re talking big jobs.

I like to read these.  Occasionally I know someone in there and it always draws my attention to local organisations that I didn’t even know were in my area.  It’s the kind of email that makes me curious.

As I scrolled down the email, I started to notice something.

It looked as though ALL of the appointments were men.

I stopped reading and started counting.



(I know, the maths doesn’t stack up there.  I couldn’t work out three of them).

Even if 5 ended up being women, WE’VE GOT A BIT OF A PROBLEM THERE NO?

I stared at them in disbelief.  I didn’t believe that the gender gap could be so significant in my home city (and let me be clear, I KNOW the organisation that this email came from.  They are big time female supportive).

So I wrote an email.

‘Dude,’ ((OK I didn’t say that.  It makes for better reading though), ‘Where are ALL THE WOMEN?’.

We’re meeting for a coffee soon.  Here’s what I got back in the meantime though.  It seems the response from women is, consistently:

‘I’m not qualified to do that job’.

Sigh.  Ladies, I gotta be honest with you.  I thought Sheryl Sandberg was making that up a bit when she wrote Lean In (top book by the way).  And yet here I am, discovering it’s not that women are not getting senior jobs per se, it’s that THEY ARE NOT EVEN APPLYING.

This breaks my heart.

Because I know from experience, that women have something huge to offer in the world of business.


Like…bigger than you can ever imagine.  Especially women who are embracing their feminine and not modifying their behaviour to be like men.

(To clarify, I’m not on the men bashing wagon here.  I happen to think men are exceptionally fabulous creatures.  I’m simply saying that the world of business, like the rest of the world, needs BALANCE and needs to REPRESENT THE HUMAN RACE.  And it can’t do that if only men are making the decisions.  Actually, I’d go even further and say it can’t do that if only white straight men are making the decisions, but that’s another blog entirely and heck, I wasn’t meaning to get all WOUND UP about it.  Except I am a bit.)

I know it, because I’ve done it.  You know, braved the voice inside that says, ‘keep small, fit in, don’t RISK ANYTHING’ and trusted that showing up as ME in my very best sense would be enough.

And you know, it was.

Good enough to allow me to lead 10,000 people.  Good enough to more than double our results in 3 years.  Good enough to allow me to sleep at night and take care of myself and not sweat all the life and inspiration out of me in the office chasing down a number.  Good enough to trust my heart in the equation as well as my head.

You can be good enough too.

Yes you.

The one who’s ruling this out without even knowing what’s possible.  YOU who long to create more impact in the world and don’t see how you can do it AND have the life you want and the peace of mind you crave.  YOU who isn’t sure if the sacrifice is worth it.

Or YOU, who thinks it’s easier to show up as one of the boys, tough and hard to crack, whilst inside wondering what the hell you’re doing it for.

What if I could shine a light on a way to have work life balance, impact AND authenticity?  What if WE could create it together?

Would you dream differently then lady?  Would you?

Because here’s a thing I can do about it.  I can share some of what I know, after one way or another, making it pretty high up the corporate ladder as a WOMAN who (eventually) learned to BEHAVE like a woman (and why that was so blooming exciting).

I can share stuff about:

  • Making decisions about what you want from your career and breaking down the barriers YOU KEEP CREATING to enable you to get there
  • Discovering and harnessing YOUR NATURAL STRENGTHS to their very best
  • Why you need to seek new sources of learning that DIFFERENTIATE you from all your other colleagues and stop you relying on your organisation to make it happen for you
  • How to lead BRILLIANTLY as a WOMAN and how to bring something entirely different by harnessing your feminine strength
  • How to feel good about LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF throughout and why it matters more than you will ever know

Over the course of the next few months, I’m going to offer a limited number of 60 minute sessions ENTIRELY FREE.

During that session we’ll create a clear vision for the career you want (even if you don’t know it right now) and what it will take to make it happen.

We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success.

And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energised and inspired to create the career you’re looking for.  Because frankly, the world of business needs more of YOU.

Aha, yes, but what’s the catch Danielle?

You’re funny.  Here’s what I need from you:

  1. You share your thoughts beforehand as to WHY you want this session.  This is your chance to practice speaking your truth knowing that there is no judgement and an entirely safe space.
  2. You show up totally present and deeply honest.  You will speak your truth and hold nothing back.  You will be vulnerable and honest with yourself as well as me.  The more YOU invest in you, the more impact we can create together.
  3. You give me permission to ask you difficult questions if the need arises.  You are willing to get uncomfortable and to go to places you are fearful of with me.
  4. You show up when you say you will, no cancellations.  No reschedules.  My time is precious.  I’m offering it in service and to create impact.  Please honour that.  If you got a slot, it’s possible someone else didn’t.
  5. You owe me nothing.  There is no charge for this conversation.  You will be fully open to receive and you will be honest in asking for what you want.  You will not feel indebted to me for our time together.  Although you are welcome to ask about what it would be like to work together, this is neither required nor expected.  My way of working is for some and not for others.  Who knows where you fall in that space?

If you are a YES to those 5 things, then get in touch.  We’ll arrange a date and go from there.

Really? What’s in it for you then?

I’m exploring the possibility of creating a Women’s Leadership Impact Programme.  A group of up to 5 women who are open to group teaching and coaching (video conference) over a 6 month period to uncover just what they are capable of in the right environment.  One end of the spectrum is you help me to refine my thoughts and / or validate whether it’s a thing I should be doing, the other is that we actually create a group.  And infinite possibilities in between.  All of which will work out the way they should.

Oh and by the way…

DON’T EVEN DREAM OF RULING YOURSELF OUT BECAUSE I WON’T PICK YOU.  Yes you lady, that’s another thing you do…

Get in touch.  Let’s talk.


Loving you,


PS the sooner you get in touch, the more likely you are to get a session.  I’m committed to at least 10 and I’m only human so there’s a limit!  And of course, you can share with friends.

PPS Want to check out I’m legit?  You can find my profile on LinkedIn here:

And you can see me in action in the old days on YouTube here:

I really do know some stuff about building a career.  I promise.

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