We’ve changed – here’s why.


We sent you a message to tell you we’ve changed.


Some of you fist pumped, some of you groaned and some of you were a bit, ‘So what?’. You’ve popped over to the website and er, just one page? Hmmm…. what are we up to?




One of the things we see all the time is that it’s never the right time. That there’s always a better time some day in the future. When we’ve got things just a bit more perfect.


A brilliant way of not getting started.


And when we sat down to plan what it would take to recreate all of our work so that it matched the Remarkable Women message, we realised that would have us holding back. Waiting to share with you what we have.

Trying to be perfect would have stopped us from being in motion.


And that’s no way to model to you a new way of being in your life.


So we published a single page. And we’ll build from there.




We’ve got 5 things we want to be in conversation about.


Here’s how they’ll come together:



You’re only six inches away from everything you want.


How do we know? Because it’s pretty much the space between your ears.

Honestly. You can tell us it’s not that and we promise, we’ll find ways to show you it is.

So you can expect us to be messing with your mind even more than we have before. Encouraging you to see the world differently, challenge the systems that you haven’t even noticed you’re in and most of all, getting present to how YOU get in your own way.


We’ll be showing you how to BE different so that you can DO differently.


When you master choice, all things are possible.



Dare to begin.


We’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t want to make a difference in the world. And yet creating a mission and making it happen can feel a daunting task.


It won’t surprise you to hear, we have some easy ways of breaking it down.


We like to think of it as a North Star. A direction to head in that isn’t entirely clear, because frankly, it’s bigger than we are. Yet, it’s presence in the sky gives us purpose, meaning and allows us to create impact.


It’s time to make the changes in the world you long to see.



You have no idea just how remarkable you are.


Human beings are miracles. Everything about us is utterly incredible. No two people are the same. Our bodies are the most brilliant complex machinery to ever exist on the planet.


You have barely started to understand what you are capable of. And when you combine understanding the mind, with a mission that makes you unstoppable and tools to release your deepest potential, you’re going to be blown away.




Nothing beats the power of human connection.


When humans unite to achieve something, we create beyond our wildest dreams. While you’re creating that mission of yours, we want you to experience a life of deep connection – with friends, family, people you work with and frankly, anyone you come into contact with.


We’ll be sharing more on how to connect, how to make powerful requests, how to own your impact in relationships and how to love deeply.

Game changer.



Money influences so many of our decisions.


We don’t give a monkeys how much money you earn. Truly. It couldn’t be less important to us. What is important is that those little bits of paper have less power over you than they do now. That money becomes less of a deciding factor in who you are in the world and the actions that you take.


Which means we have so much more to learn. Together.


So while we’re categorising the old blogs and making them easier for you to find, we’ll also be writing new ones, releasing the ‘Conversations with Remarkable Women’ YouTube series and a whole pile of other things.


Want to be part of THIS tribe?


Let’s make a new world and be remarkable together,


Nic and Danielle

10 thoughts on “We’ve changed – here’s why.”

  1. This is such a Remarkable Tribe to join – really letting that Somebody Inside roam free – a positive rebrand and great step forward.

  2. Michelle/Gomata

    It feels like the perfect name to reflect what this is all about! Happy to be part of this new era!

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