Want to help and can’t see how? Try this.

Pink light

Pink light

Sometimes there are moments in life when you want to help another human being and yet just don’t seem to know how.

Or you have a deep longing to reach out and heal a relationship, yet the words don’t seem enough or for whatever reason, can’t be heard.

In these instances, we know of a powerful healing tool called the Pink Light technique. It is said to be ancient in origin, passed down across centuries. I learnt it years ago and it’s one of our very favourites.

It involves imagining yourself within a sphere of pink light radiating from your heart, before, one by one, covering others in the pink light too.

If that sounds way out and oh too hippy, I get it.   Do it anyway.  Stay open and try it.

I’ve used it in so many circumstances and have found it brought real comfort every time.

Simply promise me though, you’ll stay open and try it.

We have shared it with each of our Sisterhood programmes so far and each and every group have fallen in love with it, adopted it as their own.  Used it as a way to create deep connection and support for each other.

Before you ask a zillion questions; know this; you can truly only do this right – it’s so easy and it takes just a few minutes.

What IS important though is to use it with complete innocence and without any conditions.  There’s no need to look for an outcome. Just follow these steps and let the magic happen.

To make it even easier, I’ve recorded this as a guided video at the bottom of this message, so get yourself cosy with your headphones on and I’ll walk you through it. It takes minutes. Not only will it save you reading the next bit (the 9 point written instructions, you still need to read the bit afterwards), you’ll get to have an immediate experience of what it feels like.

  1. Find yourself a quiet space. Somewhere that you can be alone and undisturbed.
  1. Close your eyes. And take a few moments just to breathe and slow life down. You might focus on your breathe or on the sounds around you. Get present. Give yourself permission to take these precious moments.
  1. Now think of a time when you felt loved. Or when you loved someone or something. Allow yourself to be in this loving space of love. (You do not have to feel the sensation of love to do this exercise).
  1. In your mind, picture Pink Loving Light radiating from your heart encompassing you in it (like a pink Sphere surrounding you – a bit like the Ready Brek adverts!).
  1. Bring an image of you standing in front of you – outside of the Pink Light. In your mind’s eye, picture yourself covering the image of you with your Pink light as if you were icing a cake! Simply cover the image, let it go. This only needs to take a few seconds.
  1. Next, bring in a loving memory of your immediate family (mother, father, siblings, children) and again cover them with the Pink Light individually and move on to the next person. (If you cannot remember this person in a loving memory, just picture them at a distance from you and / or facing away from you).
  1. Next, bring in anyone you would like to bring love to. It may be someone who is unwell, or even someone you still have an emotional charge with that you’d like to be at peace with. Again gently cover them in Pink Light for a few seconds and then let them fade away.
  1. Now let anyone else that wants to come into your awareness to do so. Cover them with the Pink Loving Light and let them go as well.
  1. End by covering a loving memory of yourself again, then open your eyes.

 Click here for the Guided Video

Here’s some guidance – because we know that mind of yours…;

In the beginning, this process should take no more than ten minutes a day, eventually it may well take you less than 5.

No conversation with the other people is required. It truly takes only a moment to cover them in pink light. Yes, do it with all of your attention – and don’t even make that a thing. This is easy remember!

If you can’t visualise the Pink Light that is fine, the intent is what’s important.

Once someone is done, assume that they are done for the day and they do not need to be done again. No double dipping is required!

You will get a sense when someone is completed and does not need to be done anymore. Some people will not show up for a while, others that you did not expect to see may just appear. Do them just the same.

And you do only need to do it once a day. It doesn’t matter when.


Finally remember:

Be gentle.

Have no expectations.

Just enjoy the process.

Its more powerful than you can imagine.

Oh, you’re SO welcome

Big love

Nic xx

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