Something spectacular happens when women share their stories...

Something spectacular happens when women share their stories…

Our community have been asking us to podcast for a long time.


We loved the idea, but you know, there would be technobobbins to sort out and we’d be left pulling our hair out and wishing we’d never started.


But we kept meeting women, both in our community and outside of it, who had remarkable stories to share. Stories that would change the game for all of us.


So we asked, like we always do, ‘what would make it easy?’ and we skipped the whole podcast thing and went straight to YouTube and recorded 5 remarkable conversations. Lo and behold, before we had even released the first, an angel called John decided to work out the whole podcast thing for us…


Sonia has an amazing story to tell that is going to make a difference for many of you. She gave up her brilliant corporate job to discover what she really wanted. And wow, did she do all the right things. Yet somehow, it still wasn’t happening.


She tells her remarkable story here, in episode one of ‘Conversations with Remarkable Women – Doing all the right things and it still doesn’t come together’.


It’s packed full with gems on the most important lesson of all – how to manage that voice that starts to get anxious about the future. That’s a course in Mastery that we all need more of.


Oh, and you can also watch on YouTube here if that’s your preference.


We haven’t got this perfect yet and when did that stop us from being remarkable?


Danielle and Nic


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