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let’s talk about relationships

The Gift That Everyone Wants

No, it's not time or love, it's a real, tangible, in your hands thing. At least for some people. It'... Login

Are people doing the best they can?

We all make up that others are not doing their best…but what if asking this question gave you an ent... Login

Avoid doing this when someone triggers you

You can see it coming, they always do it, some people just love to trigger you, but there's somethin... Login

We all just make stuff up

Oh yes we do, we love to tell ourselves stories…watch this and you'll see! ... Login

Fighting for the truth

What is truth? And who is right or wrong in a relationship? An important lesson that transforms rela... Login

The four tendencies and your partner

Here we look at how knowing the tendencies of your loved ones can have an impact on your relationshi... Login
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