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The Voice in your head that you really want to listen to

Once you get to know and recognise this voice, you’re going to be tuning in regularly. She’s got som... Login

What if you gave your body this promise?

Many of us disconnect from our body. We need it to help us get things done, but it doesn’t exactly g... Login

What does it mean to live in the present moment?

Sigh. All this talk of living in the present is a bit irritating eh? What if it was just brain train... Login

A regular date in the present moment

There's nothing more beautiful than having time to yourself. ... Login

A simple technique to train the mind to live in the present moment

Even 1 minute every day gives the brain an opportunity to be supremely present…this is guaranteed to... Login

Uncovering your mental programmes – moving from unconscious to conscious

We all find ourselves on autopilot not knowing how we got to the moment we are in, we show you how t... Login

A somewhat quirky way to stop worrying

A super smart way to create space in your thinking ... Login

The Question that cuts out Anxiety and Overwhelm

Our favourite technique that helps you slow down your mind and gain some perspective. So easy to do ... Login
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