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I’m not Remarkable

We’re always meeting remarkable women who aren’t remarkable in their heads. Our dear friend Tatjana is no exception.


Here’s a woman who has run refugee camps in the Congo and who now administers one of the biggest monetary aid funds in the world.


And yet, she’s a human being just like the rest of us. Albeit, a human being with many many gems of wisdom to share with women like you.


In fact, one of our most read and shared blogs, ‘The Question that Cuts out Anxiety and Overwhelm’ came from her very mouth on a huge day for Danielle. Game changer, right there.


You can listen to Tatjana and Danielle get deep into a treasure trove of tips from a woman with a truly fascinating story on Episode 2 of Conversations with Remarkable Women on ITunes here or you can watch us in full video action on YouTube here.


Either way, be sure to make the time. This is a pretty remarkable conversation. But then you should come to expect that from us…


Let’s be remarkable together,

Danielle and Nic


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