Danielle Macleod

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Are you allergic to rest?

When people invite me to take a rest (not looking at anyone in particular, Nic Devlin), I tend to look at them like they have gone a little stir crazy. ‘I HAVE taken a rest!’ I say indignantly to them, whilst picking up my phone and checking if anything exciting has entered my world via …

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Are you ‘Undiscovered’?

I come across a lot of frustrated ‘Undiscovereds’ in my coaching practice.  I love to ignite and energise them again.  They’re really very fun people indeed. Turns out it’s the easiest thing to do, if you let it be. Of course, you’ve no idea what I’m talking about right now have you? Our ‘Undiscovereds’ are …

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What’s your Perfect System?

Well, this is a ridiculous question Danielle, ‘What’s my Perfect System?’, what on earth is that supposed to mean? I know, I like to ask daft questions.  In fact, it’s kind of what I do for a living these days.  It’s fun. Imagine this: Your life is the way it is right now, because you …

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Too Fat for the Christmas Party?

I’ve got this feeling some of you are thinking of not going to the Christmas Party.  Because fat.  Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat.  And Hippos.

STOP RIGHT THERE SISTER.  Let’s do a rethink.

There’s three ways this party can go right now.

The Question that cuts out Anxiety and Overwhelm

Ah, anxiety and overwhelm. We know them well don’t we? Those moments where the Crazy Lady wrings her hands and yells, ‘WE CAN’T DO THIS!’ into your mind.
Those single thoughts of ‘What if this doesn’t work out the way I planned’ that suddenly spiral into imaginary complete disasters, break-ups, redundancies, bankruptcies, eating ourselves to death.

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