Nic Devlin

How to avoid getting the winter flu

I’ve got a bit of an internal bet on.  That some of you are heading straight into another bout of something nasty, just in time for Christmas… What if you could learn from me and AVOID the flu this year?
 Ever feel like you’re doing the best you can and then you get wiped out with a body that just can’t keep up with you?
 Yep, me too.

You’re doing that busy thing again, aren’t you?

CALLING ALL THOSE with a bulging inbox and a selection of to do lists designed to make them FEEL in control!
You know who you are.
It’s all OUT of control and you keep TRYING to do better.  Reorganising, refiling, building a NEW system that’s definitely better than the last one…

We want the amazing results from being all in and yet somehow we keep on dancing round the edges...

Do you dance with commitment?

Ever wondered why you make a big commitment to something, truly saying, “this time”…go full gusto and then crash and burn like a firework? Me too!  Well at least I used to… I did this merry old dance for a long time. Now I see that actually with a few tweaks it’s easy to have …

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What’s in YOUR name?

Have you ever given your name even a moment’s thought? It’s powerful. I was reminded of this recently when I read about Mo Farrah deciding to become Mohammed Farrah. Now that his track career is ended, he wants to make a clean break, to leave the pressures, glory and stories behind and reinvent himself. I’ve …

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About your underwear drawer. The blog that went viral and started us off.

When DID you last go on a first date? For some of you last week, for others, years ago. Bet you can still remember how it felt though.  Especially the getting ready bit. Here’s the wake up call.  EVERY DAY IS A FIRST DATE.  With YOU. And you know where your getting ready starts?  YOUR …

About your underwear drawer. The blog that went viral and started us off. Read More »

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