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I’ve got to be honest, I kinda like to see what happens when we tell women the name of our organisation and what we do.
It’s like I can watch you working out whether it means YOU, whether you could be part of the clan, whether you would even want to. It’s easy to see whether the word remarkable triggers or inspires you. And when we release a new podcast, I often wonder how many of you are listening whilst checking out, ‘Am I as remarkable as that woman? Or that one?”.
It makes me sad when I think that some of you decide, no. It doesn’t mean me.
Let me blow your mind for a minute, oh doubting one.
Really. Even you. The one going, ‘yeah, right, she doesn’t know me at all’.
It’s not possible because this.
There is never going to be another you in the whole of space and time.
You are literally a one off, unique combination of cells and genes and blood cells and other stuff that the biologists amongst you completely understand (not my best subject, I must confess).
I mean, go with me on this one.
If that’s not remarkable, what on earth is?
Sit with that for a minute. Breathe it in. This isn’t an exclusive club. It’s an inclusive club. The only one setting this membership criteria is you.
There are a few secrets you should know though…
Yep, get ready for it. The secret handshake, the password to get in the door, the ‘criteria’ that mean you don’t fit after all.
1.     You’re right, this world we’ve created, it’s not for everyone.
Not because we don’t want you.
Because you don’t want it.
And that’s different.
2.     We really want you to want it.
Not the ‘products’ that we sell. Blimey, that would be a bit manipulative. But the life that we know you can experience if you are willing to get curious, grow your self-awareness, find ways to manage that mind of yours that tells you that you have to compromise and sacrifice, play smaller, and listen to your fears as though they were true, oh lady, we want that life for you more than you can imagine. We want that life for everyone.
We don’t care whether you create that experience with us. We really care that you choose to create it.
3.     You have NO idea what you’re capable of.
And that’s the beauty of life! That there is more to unpack, explore, discover in each and every breath. More possibility, more love, more joy,  more impact, more, more, more.

4.     You are the only thing standing in your way.
This is AMAZING news. You are literally the ONLY thing standing in your way. And since you can decide what you do with this one precious life of yours, dedicating just a little time to uncovering where you self-limit, self-sabotage, self-attack so that you can learn alternative ways, wow, that one ought to be RIGHT AT THE TOP OF YOUR TO DO LIST.
For you, for the people you love, for the whole world.

5.     You are enough the way you are.
Knowing that there is more to go for, more love, more living, more being, more inspired action, does not mean that where you are right now is not enough. That you are not enough. It means that you are simply on the journey of life. Navigating, learning, making new choices. That’s the whole point of the ride!

You don’t need more things.

We all need more acceptance, more courage, more curiosity, more love.

And there’s more good news on that one. It’s all there for the taking.

6.     There are two defining criteria in our world.
Just two. Everyone can have them. Not everyone chooses to.

The first? Excitement about what’s possible.

The second, a willingness to experiment and grow.

That’s it. Nothing fancy really. No long list of qualifications.

In our experience, the changes that are beyond that which you can ever imagine, are hooked inextricably to a knowing that there is an even more heightened way of living in the world, a deep curiosity about what that is and a willingness to leap into self-discovery.

With those things, you’re guaranteed to be surprised at how quickly you can change your experience of life.
How do we know? Because we’re exploring it ourselves every day and we have been for years. And every time we show up, go deeper, take a deep breath and investigate how our thoughts are getting in the way, learn a new thing and immediately experiment with it, we’re ASTOUNDED at what has become possible. Astounded. It’s utterly incredible.
And we want that for you too. We want it for everyone to be honest.
That’s it. All the other stuff you’re making up in your head, well, that’s your mind feeding you nonsense again. It does that quite a lot you’ll find.
So are you remarkable? Oh yes. 100%. You already scored an A in that test.
Do you want to discover just how remarkable you are? Well, that’s a question only you can answer.
But before you do, just take a moment and notice this.
See? Told you. Remarkable.

Shall we be remarkable together?

Danielle #TMRWIS

1 thought on “Remarkable you”

  1. Liz Clayton-Jones

    On a very different plane – data driven for those that can’t believe it yet – this is why I love working with people using the Clifton Strengths assessment; the simple statistical chances of anyone having the same full Strengths profile as you (34 talent themes ranked in your special order) are 1:266-to-the-power-of-36 (266 with 36 zeros after it).
    There genuinely hasn’t been that many people on the planet yet…
    Ergo… you are unique 🙂

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