Throughout history there have been many remarkable women – from the suffragettes, to Joan of Arc to Florence Nightingale.

But it’s not just those that are immortalised in the history books that are remarkable; all women are remarkable.

Just like Florence Nightingale, it’s important to understand the importance of good medical care for women. Good private medical insurance can ensure you live a happy, healthy life.

Healthcare for Women

Private health care for women must incorporate many additional services than would be required on a male’s private medical plan.

Gynaecology and maternity are necessities that are found exclusively on women’s health plans, but there are other ailments that need additional resources.

Breast cancer is a disease found almost exclusively in women, so ensuring breast cancer care is included in your cover is essential.

Heart disease is also an issue as, while more men die of heart disease, in women it tends to be underdiagnosed.

By including Obstetrics on your health care plan, you can be reassured that, if you get pregnant you and your child will have the greatest quality health care available to you – both before and following the birth.

Why Private Medical Cover?

PMI is an insurance health plan which allows you to pay for medical care in private facilities and hospitals across the country.

One of the many reasons people opt for private health care over the NHS is the long waiting lists you can end up on with the national service. The average NHS waiting time for treatments is around 8 weeks; private health cover can get you seen a lot quicker.

Private hospitals and healthcare centres are often able to provide much more comfortable surroundings and private rooms should they be needed, whereas in an NHS hospital you may have to share a room with a number of other patients.